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Susan W. Woolley, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Educational Studies and LGBTQ Studies at Colgate University. She is currently the Director of LGBTQ Studies and leads the LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee at her small liberal arts school. Dr. Woolley teaches preservice teachers literacy instruction, curriculum, assessment, and reading remediation at the K–12 levels. Dr. Woolley has worked as an educator for over 20 years, teaching English as a Second Language, media literacy, and service-learning in K–12 settings as well as in post-secondary foundations of education, teacher preparation, and gender and sexuality studies programs. Her research has been published in Gender and Education, TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Intersections: Critical Issues in Education, Journal of Bisexuality, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, International Journal for the Sociology of Language, Journal of Language and Sexuality, as well as The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, Sage Publications’ Guide to Curriculum in Education, and Gender and Sexualities in Education.


Teaching about Gender Diversity:

Teacher-tested lesson plans for K-12 classrooms

Edited by Susan W. Woolley & Lee Airton

This collection of classroom-ready lesson plans provides teachers with tools to integrate (not just add-and-stir) gender diversity into their curriculum, talk with students about gender diversities of all kinds, and foster classroom communities more welcoming of the many ways in which gender is lived, including but not limited to people who are under the transgender umbrella.

Sections target Elementary (K-5), Middle Years (6-9), and Secondary (10-12) classrooms with subject-specific lesson plans in mathematics, English language arts, social studies, drama, health, physical education, and science. From read-alouds with early literacy picture books to creating multi-modal gender fanzines, and from statistically modeling the rise of gender-neutral pronoun usage to analyzing gender characterization in dramatic monologues, Teaching about Gender Diversity will help you walk this road with over thirty educators who enfold our changing world of gender into their teaching. Teaching about Gender Diversity is an ideal resource for students taking education courses on gender, sexuality, diversity and equity, curriculum design, and professional practice.